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18.09.2019   15:30 Код объявления: 144922

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Moskvich 434 1.5

Год выпуска: 1971

Владелец: Arvi Lassiniit, estonia
Телефон: +37256682360
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For sale: Moskvich 434 (1971). Light blue body. Beige faux leather interior. A rare survivor. Imported from Finland. Restored at a high level. Restoration works are based on a well preserved original car. The body of the donor car was still under its factory paint with minimal rust and no accident damage. Everything on the car is new. New engine, gearbox, front and rear axles, chrome, lights, interior, exhaust pipe, electrics, fuel and break lines, glasses, etc. Only original new old stock spare parts have been used in the restoration. The brand new old stock engine, gearbox, front and rear axles were all completely dismantled, every part restored, zinc plated and/or cleaned and painted. The car is much better than new following its assemply.

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